14 Apr 2008

Who watches the watchers?

William Lucie-Smith asks some very pertinent questions. Unfortunately, we will never get answers, because dunceys with 3 'O' level subjects or school leaving certificates cannot string together coherent thoughts to answer.

The issue is when something is so predictable and routine (like looting on the highway) why could it not be prevented? Is witness protection simply putting the witness in protective custody for years until the trial is completed? Are witnesses unable to go home, or go to work or live any kind of life? When Harold chose to go and visit friends did he have two armed police officers with him, or did the police shrug and let him go unprotected? Is the criminal underworld so powerful that they could locate and kill Harold in less than a few hours after he left the safe house? Which officers were charged with his security and how was he so easily located and killed? These are the real issues to do with witness protection.

I've often wondered myself, why the police do not escort a witness who leaves a safe house, if only for a matter of a few hours? If you spend money and time guarding a man to ensure his safety to testify at a murder trial, how much more difficult is it for the officers guarding him to accompany him to visit his family? You can't blame a lack of manpower if the dunceys are already rostered to protect the witness. But you know the lazy dunceys will never want to leave the shaded or air-conditioned surroundings to get out in the sun or rain.

Lucie-Smith further recommends:

I understand consultants have been paid over $50 million to advise on the reform of the Police Service. I hope they came up with profound recommendations like (1) double the size of the police service, (2) train officers properly, (3) equip and pay them as important people, (4) hire graduates and (5) start with a new experienced commissioner from outside to sweep with a new broom. That's my two cents' worth.

May I suggest they start with number four on that list and begin by hiring more intelligent people? When a duncey's shoe size and IQ is roughly the same, it is very, very difficult to get anything to stick between the ears. Believe me, I've tried to explain basic things to several of them over the years, one even a Superintendent... no luck as you may guess.

I'm wondering though... will any action be taken against the dunceys who were guarding Harold and allowed him to leave without protection? Or is all that will come to pass a shrug and a 'wey we goh do?'