23 Apr 2008

Why not a food subsidy?

Who does Mr Manning really think he is? Pronouncing on the fate of hapless citizens of this country, with assurances of no VAT removal or food subsidies and that "low prices are indeed a thing of the past.''

All this after he gave his wife a ministerial portfolio, built a mansion and towers, telegraphed plans to purchase a plane, acquired community recreation grounds, claimed the Red House as his office, spent $3 million (I really hope I have misquoted this sum) on inauguration ceremonies and $207 million for the setting up of white elephant institutions.

Clearly our tolerance of his indulgences encourages this conscienceless squander mania. Is there no thought now for the welfare of the citizenry, as we reel from this onslaught of spiralling inflation - a result of Government spending, according to our Central Bank Governor Ewart Williams, who is also of the view that the rate of inflation would very likely assume one of double digits.

Which economist, may I ask, has advised the goodly Prime Minister on the ill-effects of a food subsidy for basic goods when it is clear that the buying pattern of the privileged Trinidadian threatens to put a noose around the necks of the lower middle and lower classes of the society as spiralling prices match demand.

How is it that the PM's assertion of black marketing and corruption as deterrents to subsidies can be strong enough an argument to deny persons a decent living when it is common knowledge that it already exists because absolutely nothing has been done about price control for years now? This recent "pronouncement'' certainly parallels the almost and still looming scandalous purchase of a jet and signals the callousness and contempt of a ruler whose daily actions and statements suggest that he has been in power for far too long.


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