22 Apr 2008

The Wild West revisited

Once again, we are seeing an example of Monkey Island justice, blind deaf and dumb. Surely, knowing how witnesses are gunned down with alarming regularity, or increasingly terrified out of testifying, the prosecution together with the state can made suitable arrangements to protect these witnesses.

As it is, one is under the impression that Trinidad and Tobago is surpassing the tales of the Wild West for outlaw activity, with criminals acting with total impunity knowing full well that they will be able to laugh their way out of court.

At the very least, there are alternatives to this and along the way some very good suggestions have been made; having them implemented is like trying to draw Trevor Paul into an intelligent conversation, or getting the money back from Monteil.

Justice in the wild west was swift, and to the point. Not that I am advocating the lynch mobs, but when the justice system swings in favour of the criminals, then there is something inherently wrong.

Then again, what do you expect from a country where the speaker of the house is a member of the government, still in a partnership with a law firm that obtains lucrative contracts from the state, and receives his shares of those contracts?