19 May 2008

Anonymous posters

Quill101B Lately, my blog has been getting a lot of comments by anonymous persons. Well those who chose to remain anonymous.

I try to be as fair as I can and put up all comments; however this may change. I don't want it to change - I started this blog when I found I was being censored in my letters to the editors of the newspapers on a regular basis - so I hate having to censor anyone.

But anonymous contributors pose a problem, since I can't tell who is Anonymouse 1 from Anonymouse 2 ad infinitum. It is difficult then to pick a viewpoint to argue or support it when we have no way of differentiating...

Therefore, from tomorrow, Tuesday 19th May, I will not be adding comments given anonymously. If you cannot post your name then feel free to use a nom de plume. A false name if you ent understand what I meant, and you can also add your nom de plume at the end of your comments if you prefer.

As long as you can be separated from another contributor.