7 May 2008

Continuing story

Three newspapers cover the story of the duncey who raped a US citizen, inside a police station.

In the meantime, the senior dunceys are still making excuses.

Byron said she was in a safe house but had left it and would be prepared to return to one "only if the conditions improve". She also claimed she was sexually harassed by an officer while in protective custody.

...However, in a response yesterday evening, Commissioner of Police Trevor Paul said a police probe into Byron's claims revealed that her allegations were without merit. He also said she demanded to leave the safe house where she was housed and was protected by police officers at all times while she was there.

Funny how I tend to believe the witness more than the duncey. I wonder when cases appear before the court, how reliable these magistrates and judges think these dunceys are? What thoughts cross their minds at the sight of yet another duncey, knowing full well they come telling lies?

Notice carefully though that Trevor Paul responded following a "police probe". Considering that the duncey who raped the American citizen in the police station was actually assisted by his colleagues...

Scores of curious onlookers and members of the media waited patiently outside the court to get a look at Jerome after the matter yesterday. However, with the apparent assistance of some of his colleagues, he was escorted out of the building by another entrance and whisked away.

...do you think that police probe was fair, or impartial? Of course, as I pointed out several days ago, the dunceys see nothing wrong with investigating themselves. Never mind that every major country in the First World, if not all, have independent investigators.

The duncey story will no doubt continue...