4 May 2008

Duncey Dotishness

Sigh... sometimes even I have problems believing a duncey could be this dotish.

Secretary of the Police Social and Welfare Association Neil Warner-Paul said the Association "is satisfied that police officers are competent to investigate police officers.

"In fact, evidence of that can be seen based on reports of allegations being made and investigated, resulting in officers being charged," Warner-Paul said.

"Police officers have been successfully investigating police officers over the years, some of these matters went through the judicial process like anybody else and some of these officers are subjected to jail terms and some freed," Warner-Paul said.

Stating there is "no need for a special class of people to investigate police killings," Warner-Paul questioned the existence of evidence which states that police officers were not doing a good job as stated by the PCA.

"Where is the evidence that officers are not doing a good job as the PCA is saying? We find it unfortunate ...comments like this coming from a group that should be responsible. Comments like this only goes to create perception that police officers are not doing a good job of investigating their own and the resulting effect is to paint a negative image of the police service generally," Warner-Paul said.