22 May 2008

Frustration in Monkey Island

I have often mentioned that one deterrent to me returning to Trinidad and Tobago is the absolute randomness of criminal activity. Anyone can be a victim, at any given moment, proof so ably provided by the Express in today's headlines.

The murder toll now stands at 187 for the year, 77 more than for the same period last year.

Last year I predicted that 2008 may well see a murder total of 400 or more, and so far, all signs to me being right again. I also mentioned Pa-trick ought to fire his seer woman and hire me, since I am dead bang on target more often than she is.

I noticed yesterday Mariano Browne defending Monteil on the $110M he hijacked from the state, claiming the transaction was legal. Well, we know it was legal; the law was changed to allow him that privilege. What is a cause for concern is the manner in which Monteil did the deed.

Considering that Monteil sat on the board of all three corporations involved, it is the perception of using inside information that makes this so alarming. Also, one cannot help but wonder whether the lack of action to recover the money has anything to do with the fact that he is also the treasurer of the PNM party - the present sitting government.

I recall reading Pa-trick was to ask him to give the money back, but up to the time of writing, I am sure it has not been.

Some time ago, I highlighted by using a story, how the government is selling out the very assets that could be used by future generations; all in an effort to obtain quick bucks, and no doubt kickbacks. Rumour has it that Pa-trick, tattoo et all benefit from backhanders. Here is another example. The Express reports that the TTFF claims to have received "no commercial revenue". So we just gave it away.

Only in Monkey Island.