18 May 2008

Google Feed Reader

I'd been using the Wizz RSS feed reader (a small extension for Firefox) to keep up with the blogs I read daily. Not all the bloggers post daily, and an RSS feed is a most convenient way to monitor when new posts are out and also a ready reader to read same.

When Firefox 2.0.0 14 was released, Wizz stopped working as the extension was not upgraded, and has not yet to the time I write this. No access to my blogs and newspapers means severe withdrawal symptoms such as shakes, short temper and jumpiness.

So, in looking for an alternative, I tried the Google Reader.

And I like it!

The best part is that the Google Reader only imports the unread articles/posts so that there is no unnecessary clutter coming in. Once I read the post, it is un-highlighted so I know I've already been there. And no ads come through the feeds either, another plus.

Using Google Reader also makes it dead easy to share your favourite feeds with friends as well - as long as they have a G-mail account. I use a nifty little Firefox extension called Google Reader Watcher to inform me when the RSS feeds are updated. It monitors all the subscriptions I added. There is also an alternative called Google Reader Notifier that I have not yet looked at.