8 May 2008

How's that again?

DETECTIVE Corporal Stephen Jerome yesterday turned up at the Arouca Police Station and provided investigators with a sample of his DNA, as part of the investigations arising out of the rape charge against him.

Jerome, who is now out on $75,000 bail, drove his heavily-tinted, dark blue Toyota Corolla, with 17 inch chrome rims, into the parking lot of the station around 3.45 PM. The car is registered as a hired vehicle.

This is the duncey who allegedly raped an American citizen in a police station.

He committed sexual assault, also assault and battery, and now he willingly shows he is breaking the laws on tint and having a hired vehicle (public servants are not allowed to have second jobs, and not H or PH cars).

I wonder if he will ever be charged for the other criminal acts, like the tinting etc. Seems to me the justice system continues to play favourites.