8 May 2008

In the interest of fairness

It is with interest this morning I noted two news items, both incidently printed in the Newsday.

Justice Anthony Carmona in presiding over a murder trial, found out he is distantly related to the victims' family by a marriage that took place over 40 years ago, the wedded partied long since deceased.

Still, in the interest of fairness and to make sure that there is no taint upon the trial, he recused himself from the case, passing it on to another judge for re-trial.
Carmona said the issue of his ability to preside over the matter with the required degree of objectivity and impartiality was raised. “The stream of justice must remain unsullied. This is a capital charge that can attract the ultimate sanction of the death penalty...this court will not sacrifice fairness on the alter of expediency. There must be no doubt of a judge’s ability to be objective,” he said. “At the end of it, it is about the fair - minded objective observer.”
Now, if only Ejenny Espinet will think as fair-minded and recuse herself from the Panday trials.

The second article that caught my attention is one where a six years old schoolboy is put out of class, out of school, for having his hair done in cane-row style. Not only did the school authorities take exception to this, they also took exception to his hair colour; which is natural according to his mother.

I am not sure what to think of this. In 2008, we still have people, who in a position of a little authority, go on to abuse the essence of that authority in little pitiful displays of arrogance and power. Sometimes I wonder if a bull pistle in the backside will put some common sense back into those people.

Still, I will not let incidents like this ruin my day.