3 May 2008

In the news

More dunceys linked to illegal activities. And one senior duncey too.

After several years of fighting extradition to the US on 82 corruption charges, Ish Galbaransingh is now willing to be extradited? There is something suspicious about this; then again, a man who fights this hard not to go on trial might not be at all as innocent as he'd have you believe.

In January, I wrote a blog about Ken Julien knowing which side his bread is buttered. Parliamentary disclosure reveals a monthly salary (including 'perks') of  TT $100,000 a month.

It seems to  me that political parties in Trinidad have no innovative ideas left any more, to attract the attention of potential voters. I mean, the best COP can come up with is a free medical clinic? I don't mean to knock them for this, but I know people from other parties who will go, get the free stuff and still go and vote the way they always have - for PNM and UNC. A free clinic is not helping your cause Dooks, just making you a bigger arse.

The daughter of Julian Kenny is kidnapped. Nothing will become of it; but I hope she will not become another Vindra Coolman.

So many things happening and so many things going awry.