31 May 2008

An invitation to readers

Sometimes, I spend my time thinking about great men and women in history, people who have changed the world in a significant way both during their lifetimes as well as subsequently.

Sure, we all know a few... Marie Curie, Albert Einstein, Leonardo Da Vinci, Abraham Lincoln, Mohandas Gandhi, Winston Churchill and a whole lot more. But have you ever tried picking just whom you'd name in a top 10 list? And why you'd put them there?

Some of the people whose actions and policies I admire (Pa-trick is NOT one!) are obscured in the passing of time. Yet, when I think of history, I think of it as more than dates and events, but more about the people whose contributions changed the world, for the better in the most part. Whether they are remembered kindly, or unkindly, we owe significant thanks to these heroes.

Today I am inviting my readers to contribute to this blog your own ideas of the 10 greatest men and women you think ought to be on this list, from whatever field of endeavour you wish.