23 May 2008

Manipulating the facts - or just being dunce

Driver shot at Beetham worksite

-Denyse Renne

"He (Chunin) was doing some work on the site, when I just hear some gunshots, when I look I see him driving towards me. When he reach, he tell me he get shoot," the watchman said.

Chunin came out the bulldozer and was taken inside, the watchman said, and reported that "a young man cross the highway, walked up to the backhoe and shot him. Before running off the shooter said 'This is a warning'."

...but police said they have not classified his death as a murder.

More evidence of duncey dotishness. How de hell a man who is attacked and shot, dies and his death not be classed as a murder? Based on what the watchman says, and that is a direct quote, it is plain from what he witnessed that a murder was committed.

Is this another example of dunceys manipulating the facts to keep the murder rate down?