13 May 2008

PNM lost sheep, lost in the past still

I was just tempted to answer the following letter that appeared today in the Guardian:

Youth stepping up with Patrick still

I have decided to use this forum to air my views on what is an obvious attack on the Prime Minister and political leader of the PNM, Patrick Manning.

I can see where this is going already.

Every day the public is bombarded with negative news headlines about a number of issues facing T&T. Issues such as crime, the cost of food, and the current issue in the PNM as it pertains to the Prime Minister and Dr Keith Rowley.

And rightfully so. These affect the majority of the people and are their greatest concerns.

I am a young woman who was unable to vote in the last general election. However, I supported the PNM and will continue to urge the youth of T&T to support the ruling party. The PNM has a rich history and has implemented policies that have continually developed this country since its inception.


The founder of the PNM in his first address to the nation after attaining independence advised the youth that the future of the country was in their school bags. He understood as a scholar, historian, teacher, and politician that education is the only thing that transcends economic, gender and racial barriers.

Right, I with you here. First sensible thing you said.

The PNM today continues the same policies that were introduced by Dr Williams through education and continues to use the revenues gained from our natural resources to invest in the country’s most important resource—the youth of T&T.

In other words, you're saying that the PNM is still thinking 50 years behind the rest of us, and giving handouts to PNM youths. I will agree with you on that; I see no evidence to the contrary. I remember Brian Manning and a basketball league...

Citizens, no other political party has a clear plan for the development of our country and its people. The other political forces lack the integrity and vision, therefore they try to instil in the minds of the less fortunate that every social ill that afflicts them is the fault of the PNM and its leader, Manning.

The PNM has a clear plan I agree. It's called EXECUTIVE PRESIDENCY and it's coming soon.

T&T, wake up! It is not Manning that puts the gun in your child’s hands nor is he the one who nurtured a human being that would take the life of another.

Nope, you're right. Its not Pa-trick but he certainly commands the police force, ahem - I mean duncey service, that ought to be working to reduce the crime. And it is his "dohkaydamn" attitude towards the general public that has criminals rising to these great heights of achievement.

It is nonsensical to think that with all the money the Government is spending on fighting crime that it is the one bringing in the drugs and illegal guns into the country.

Hey, you ent read in the papers how much they imported from Israel or what? Where are those weapons now? Like you ent know dunceys renting out guns and uniform to their criminal brethren to make extra dollars? Wey yuh head dey, gyul?

Simply put, we have lost our family values and no one in society wants to take the blame for that. Therefore, we blame the prominent and affluent because they are seen as better off. This creates a stigma among the less fortunate who do nothing for the betterment of themselves. They then blame Manning for their not being able to find decent law-abiding jobs. Well I say enough is enough!

And the family values lost mainly belong to PNM black youths who breed and depart, but appear to vote PNM time and time again.

People say that my generation is lost and that we have no direction. I am therefore appealing to each and every young person in this country. In the future we will vote on the issues, we will vote for the political party with a clear policy that will continue the development of our country, we will support the government that continues to improve the lives of each and every citizen, no matter the creed or race.

It is clear that from your letter you lack basic intelligence to find your way, ergo YOU ARE LOST! And you will continue to be lost, and suffer the consequences if you continue your current trend of thinking.

Hence I am appealing to every young person who supported the PNM in the November 5, 2007, general election to rally around Manning. Patrick, the youth still stepping up with you!

Karysse Clifton


Via e-mail