31 May 2008

Police flexing their muscles

Police escort disrupts traffic

We lost an opportunity to let hooligans know that there is a price to be paid for their actions. The thugs who chose to stab a CIC student last week should have been interrogated at the exact time that they were due to be taking their exams. Having missed the opportunity to take the exams would have shown them that there are consequences for their actions.

On another note, can anyone tell me who is the big shot whose funeral took place on Friday last week in the Diego Martin area?

Several scores of motorists were made to pull aside by the blare of police sirens from motorcycle cops who were escorting several police buses and other "unmarked police cars" and ultimately a hearse.

Drivers caught in heavy traffic just before noon were berated by the officers to make way for the funeral procession.

I suppose with all the lawlessness in our country the cops know that's the only time they can show their muscle.

There is a saying that there never is a cop around when you need one. Now I know why. They are all busy escorting the dead!

Samuel Jones

Via e-mail