10 May 2008

Rewarding incompetence

A little something to think about today, from BC Pires.

And, more than anything else, when Mr Manning fires Mr Rowley, who was good at his job, and defends Mr Joseph, the personification, the very manifestation of Incompetence - you could find yourself saying, and really meaning it, "If anything should happen to Phillipa " As, even to yourself, you disguise the harsh truth: that it already has. She's been firetrucking kidnapped! And Mr Manning's attention is on Mr Rowley!

Certainly shows where Pa-trick's priorities lie.

Last night I was looking back upon some of the previous thoughts on this blog, by myself as well as readers. One that caught my attention was a theory by Warren (hey Warren, drop by some time) that the corruption we are seeing (Monteil, Boynes, Brian Manning) etc is an effort to grab as much as they can before the oil dollars run out.

To facilitate this, the laws are quietly changed so that the theft become legal, as in the case of Monteil and Boynes. Their friends and cronies are defended stoutly in whatever criminal charges crop up, as in the case of Uthara Rao, Ken Julien, etc.

Rao you may recall was the dirty old man tackling the female workers at EMBD, and strangely defended by Pa-trick and Conrad Enill. Oddly enough, despite numerous complaints and letters from (many) female workers, he was cleared. Well, money changed hands and the victims were paid, but again, that wasn't Rao's money, was it? The government bought relief and silence for him, supporting criminal behaviour (not for the first time).

Getting back to the point - even if I am sitting at my desk in the UK, and getting my news off the Internet, I can see patterns and trends that tell me there is a stink that needs to be cleared.

There is a tendency to reward incompetence and fatten the pockets of the cronies.