6 May 2008

A small rant

Trinidad and Tobago Police Service; aka the duncey force, is probably the second biggest embarrassment in the Caribbean - the first is surely the government ministers led by Tattoo who commit foot in mouth almost daily.

The dunceys are stoutly defended within the ranks, and I have to say a cheer for that. I mean, they have to make themselves look a little good, because from where I sit, I really can't cheer for them. They're also defended by other incompetents, namely the government etc.

Of course, one defence lauded much is that the entire force is not bad/corrupt/incompetent/dotish; just a few bad apples. Personally, I think the entire blasted barrel of apples rotten to the core with one or two ent smelling as bad as the rest yet.

Granted, giving Jack his jacket (and a load of football dollars), we really don't hear much of the good deeds of the few competent, and I for one am sad over this - at heart, I am a Trini and I would love to boast on a good act every now and then too. But these idiots let me down daily, man.

I mean, raping a woman (a foreigner too) inside a police station? That is a duncey with balls as big as Martin Joseph head (the top one eh), or a a head hard like ah cannon ball, or full of confidence that his superiors will protect him...

I am amazed at how fast the dunceys made 8 arrests in the kidnapping case of Philippa Talma (daughter of Prof Julien Kenny). Miracles do happen, but when Vindra was kidnapped, they were ineffective for months. I wonder if the Prof's position as a columnist for the Express, or as an Independent Senator had anything to with the speed at which the wheels of justice turned. I glad for the man that things happening eh, doh get meh wrong.

Since September last year I predicted that the murder detection rate in Trinidad and Tobago is considerable less than the 20% the dunceys claimed. I predicted 8%. Guess what?

Of the 155 murders recorded by the Homicide Bureau only 13 have been detected - 8.3 per cent-compared with 29 of the 91 murders last year being detected. The Express tally of the number of murders for the year however stands at 161.

Hmm, I think I ought to be elected Prime minister, if only that I'd be cutting the cost to the public by not needing a seer woman; I can do my own predicting and save some dollars.

Frankly if you've not yet realised there is a 75.8% increase in murders, then please take note.

Its a pity we can't take these bunch of incompetents, line them up against a wall and have a mass burial after a firing squad gets through. I'm sure the world will be better off. Sod off, you bleeding heart liberals!