14 May 2008

They got what they deserved

History has recorded that the fanatics of the PNM have always gotten the government they deserve.

Election after election the majority of the electorate has been telling them that promises are just comfort to fools but they just display their wajang behaviour.

The Breakfast Shed people were promised financial glory days and a first world building but what have they got? They were given "hush money" from the treasury so they would not rock the "PNM till ah dead" boat and a concrete looking carrat shed. They got what they deserve.

The old age pensioners got a decrease in their increase because their PNM promised a life fit for kings and queens if they came off their sick beds, their homes for the aged and disabled, the streets, the gambling dens and every nook and cranny and voted for their caring PNM. They did and they got the PNM they deserve.

Ever since Udecott was formed the majority of the population voiced its concern about the chairman and his unlimited powers but the great lovers of the PNM in their usual jagabat behaviour shouted, "Allyuh leave we PNM alone." They got their wish and also the government they deserve.

Murders are at a level which is the worst in the world. Most of the family members affected still say "leave meh PNM alone." The justice system is at a red light and they shout "we like it so."

In every government department you find square pegs in round holes, including the foreign used so-called experts. It's a family member here and a PNM stooge there, a party group camped over there, a PNM baby sitting down there doing nothing because they cannot do better.

In every department there is open discrimination, abuse of public funds, abuse of power, favouritism, corruption, nepotism and plain nastiness. The majority did not vote for this and really does not deserve this.

Panday is of no help and no use for he has the PNM where it is. The time is ripe for us to get the government we really deserve and it cannot be found in either the PNM or the UNC.

Lystra Lythe

Sangre Grande