6 May 2008

Those computer problems

Lately I've had a number of people asking what computers to buy. Look, I can't tell people what to buy.

Your choice determines what your budget is, what your needs are, and how much you want to put those needs before or after your budget.

I can however tell you what NOT to buy. Do not buy Dell.

Aside from the fact that 10 years of technical support taught me that Dell have some of the cheapest-arse computers I've ever seen, they come with spyware. Yes, you heard me; they have spyware. And Dell charges you to remove the spyware they put on.

I'm partial to a Suse Linux machine myself; Uni however insists on Windows (for the moment).

So, do a little research. Find someone reliable to build you a nice machine, or go for another brand.

For laptop aficionados I prefer HP, Acer or Toshiba as these brands have given me the best service over the years. In printers, I've never used anything but HP.

You're welcome to disagree, but I go with what my experience showed me as reliable.