1 May 2008

Those little Christian lies

Manning said, "The Government has already established 7,000 new farms from the lands of the former Caroni 1975 Ltd, where food production has started; and we are in the process of establishing 17 large farms, each of no less than 100 acres, and in which we are inviting the participation of the private sector."

And Rudranath Indarsingh, president of the All Trinidad Sugar and General Workers Union (ATSGWU), told the Express he is yet to see the 7,000 small farms to which the Prime Minister refers.

He said, "I must have an eye problem or amnesia because I cannot say I can remember ever seeing any evidence of these 7,000 farms."

It must be a Christian thing, to lie in public. No shame or embarrassment either. Then again, he may be his own pastor, and doesn't embarrass anyone else. Or, maybe to lie while in political office is okay, you know, different from lying for personal benefit.

In the meantime, some evidence points to Keith Rowley's protest of UDeCOTT as dating back a very long time. Hart of course, fights back.

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