30 May 2008

To take a duncey...

Maybe my suspicions are heightened because of the nonsense I see this PNM government perpetrating on the citizens of Trinidad and Tobago, but I find it more than a coincidence that out of 41 applicants for the post of Commissioner of Police (only 6 of whom were locals) that strangely enough, one of those locals was chosen.

The PSC members yesterday met and reviewed the names of five persons, including three Americans, and then selected the nominee. The nominee is a local officer and a qualified lawyer, said sources.

I for one don't expect much to change on the crime front. All this means is that we have someone with the same mindset, from within the same corrupt, inefficient system, and with the same lackadaisical attitude towards work. In other words, they replaced a duncey with a duncey. Won't you, like me, want to have the selection process explained?

Time will tell of course, but like all my past predictions, I am sure that this one will be spot on in accuracy.