24 May 2008

UDeCOTT exposure coming?

Well, well, well; the plot thickens. Now Calder Hart is accused of favouring relatives in a highly controversial contract awarded by UDeCOTT, a company he heads. So far, the evidence produced by Ramesh 'Lawsuit' Maharaj seems solid...

Pa-trick can't duck and run anymore, so under the guise of “someone got up in this House and made a clear and specific allegation," did an about face and "announce(d) the establishment of a commission of enquiry into the construction industry." See here.

His choice of chairman of the commission of enquiry is not pleasing to everyone though. Keith Rowley says:

"I have concerns about the naming of Gordon Deane as chairman of the new commission.

"Deane was chairman of the Integrity Commission which violated my fundamental rights by secretly having a file and trumped-up charges against me being sent to the Director of Public Prosecutions for police action without giving me the opportunity to see or respond to the said allegations which was the basis of my court matter with the Integrity Commission."

So, was Deane chosen because he is a 'yes man' who is expected to 'find' certain outcomes? Don't forget, this is the man who as chairman of the Integrity Commission also chose Basdeo Panday to prosecute for failure to declare assets; out of more than 200 public figures including PNM ministers and board directors who also did not file their declarations.

I wonder if the enquiry will be held in public, or 'in camera' or otherwise? Like plenty people, I believe UDeCOTT and Calder Hart, yes and Pa-trick, have plenty, plenty to hide, and I can't wait to see what will be uncovered, and what will be covered up. Because cover up there will be.

I bet right now plenty people getting worried, and shutting up tighter than a camel's arse in a sandstorm.