15 May 2008

Wajang behaviour and commess

Well, look at stars!

Yesterday, Michael Annisette Independent Senator (and ironically a board member of UDeCOTT) stoutly defended UDeCOTT at a press conference.

Annisette’s defence was so intense at times that he even drowned out statements being made by chairman Calder Hart and deputy chairman Dr Krishna Bahadoorsingh.

After the press conference, members of the media pressed Hart as to whether he found Annisette's behaviour to be that of a hooligan during the conference and whether it was similar to Rowley's alleged actions—for which he was fired as a Cabinet minister.

Describing Annisette as a "passionate" man, Hart refused to allow the media to "put words" in his mouth as to whether Rowley could be described as passionate as well.

Saying that they were quick to support Rowley in his claims about UDeCOTT's operations, Annisette, in a raised voice and often angry tone, said the dismissed Trade and Industry Minister never raised any concerns about the State-owned enterprise to the Cabinet while he held the Planning and Development, Housing or Trade and Industry portfolios.

So Rowley was wajang and hooligan, but Annisette is 'passionate'.

More on this matter at the links below:

UNC-A Deputy Political Leader, Kamla Persad-Bissessar, says the part played by Independent Senator, Michael Annisette, in the Urban Development Company of Trinidad and Tobago (UDeCOTT) now calls for President George Maxwell Richards to determine whether he is independent or not.

"It is untenable for a member of the board of UDeCOTT to be independent while they are in charge of some $21 billion worth of projects now taking place in the country," she said yesterday.

She said Annisette should have resigned when he was appointed a senator as a result of his position on the board.


Michael Annisette

I couldn't agree more. Here is a man receiving money from the government, for sitting on the board of a government owned company, and standing in parliament pretending to be independent. How independent can you be from the masters who fatten your pocket?

Not only that, he may be appointed to the JSC to investigate the very company he associated with.

Independent Senator Michael Annisette, who could be appointed to a parliamentary committee to investigate the Urban Development Corporation of Trinidad and Tobago (UDeCOTT), yesterday launched a scathing attack against Dr Keith Rowley-the dismissed Cabinet member who accused it of serious impropriety.

I cannot help but feel that a JSC is a waste of time and resources. If indeed a JSC finds impropriety at UDeCOTT, then a Commission of Enquiry will have to be called for further investigations, leading to a duplication of evidence presented not to mention time and money being spent to hear evidence already heard...

Then again, this is Trinidad, and like Fantasy Island, Mr Rourke can make anything happen with the help of Tattoo and friends.