18 May 2008

WTF? Crime statistics - from the police

IN ONE fell swoop National Security Minister Martin Joseph swept all blame for there being 79,989 unsolved serious crimes, including murder, kidnapping, rape and robbery with aggravation, in the six-year period 2002-2007 on to the broad shoulders of Police Commissioner Trevor Paul.

Eh? Am I reading those figures right? 11 short of EIGHTY THOUSAND? In SIX YEARS? The crime statistics from 2002-2007 from the Police Service’s Crime and Problem Analysis (CAPA) department and were revealed in Parliament by Ramesh Maharaj.

80,000 unsolved serious crimes in 6 years. Makes me wonder now how many non-serious crimes are still unsolved, (and as an aside, how many were committed by dunceys and are being 'protected' by their colleagues).

...murders had risen by 40 per cent; the detection rates was less than ten per cent and the conviction rate of those charged was less than one per cent.

I'd be worried if I read of statistics that show less than 10,000 serious crimes in those 6 years, but 80,000? My mind still reels from that figure! I find it difficult to even comprehend, but accept it I must, as being true. The police themselves provided it. I wonder if the department providing these numbers feels any shame, (or even whether any dunceys feel shame) over the appalling picture of incompetence this paints.