18 Jun 2008

Backing down

Soldiers, once again, have taken the law into their own hands and have locked down Diego Martin. Not for the first, and I dare say, not the last time, this bunch of legal thugs have made their own decision to put themselves higher than the law.

Yesterday, a senior officer at the West End Police Station, however, said there had been no police/army joint patrols at Richplain Road since the shootings.

"From all appearances, the soldiers have been acting on their own...The police are playing no part in what they are doing," the officer said.

"The soldiers are not even reporting to the police if they come across any information that may help solve the case."

Funny how the police have backed down from ordering the soldiers out of Diego Martin. Funnier that there is no comment from Pa-trick, his pal Joseph or the President. I guess it's okay as long as Pa-trick's manhood is maintained and the people are impressed with the amount of money squandered - ahem, spent.

In the meantime, the people can only back down, for fear of beatings and other repercussions.