17 Jun 2008

Dying in custody

There is a very real possibility that anyone, at any given moment, could die in Trinidad from a stray bullet, from an intended bullet, chopping, car accident, at the hands of kidnappers... the list is endless.

Add to that now death at the hands of police dunceys and prison officers. And that ent ah exaggeration!

A man arrested by police who suspected he was involved in a robbery, allegedly hanged himself with a shoe lace from the bars of a cell at the San Fernando Police Station yesterday.

Trevor Forginie, 38, was discovered by detectives at around 2.30pm. He was pronounced dead when they took him to the nearby San Fernando General Hospital.

Funny (peculiar) how, after Sunil Ali was reported as committing suicide mere weeks ago, the dunceys still allowed this man into a cell with his shoelaces. Especially peculiar is how that shoelace is long enough to strangle himself (to go around the bars and his neck). Peculiar too is how the shoelace could be tied to straight vertical bars and not slip down as his weight falls on it.

I suggest to relatives that once your family member is arrested, walk with a digital camera and have photos taken; cater for a before and after situation, grim as it may sound. It may be a protective layer to ensure your loved ones remain alive. You may need to show bruising on the body in case of a series of unfortunate events, as is likely to happen.