15 Jun 2008

English Language XVIII

I saw this sentence in a newsletter I receive every day:

I have seen tutorial after tutorial explaining something that I really want to know. However, once the video starts, the tutorialer loses me by playing distracting music in the background and SLOWLY typing the instructions in a word processing program.

Granted, this was not written by the tech Guru himself, but by a contributor; however, it still is no excuse for the word tutorialer to slip by. It didn't pass the tech Guru in the video, but it should have been corrected in the printed version. I try as best as possible to re-read my articles twice before posting, to eliminate my own errors.

Readers may think I am too finicky about language, but when you really think about it, language is the basic block of communications which is in turn the basic block of everything else we ever do. A slip in language affects everything, hence the reason contracts are worded so carefully, why we have illiterate leaders, duncey policemen, adults who can't read or write and a 40% illiteracy rate (stats by ALTA) among the citizens.

FYI, the correct word is tutor.