28 Jun 2008

A friend in need or a friend in deed

For some time now, the newspapers have been writing about the kidnapping of Avita Bissoondatt. Now the details emerge that her kidnapping was masterminded by a friend. Now, not one newspaper reported that the friend is Shanice Ramcharan, the girl who 'disappeared' with Ms Bissoondatt. But enough clues point to her anyway.

A friend of Avita Bissoondatt has turned out to be the one who masterminded her kidnapping and captivity in the mountains for six days.

Ramcharan, 22, also vanished for several days, and failed to make contact with her family at Caura Royal Road, where her mother lives, or with the police. She has since been found.

The break in the case came on Wednesday, when investigators found a friend of Bissoondatt at the home of relatives in Morvant. The home was searched and the friend taken into custody. The friend helped police pull off Bissoondatt's rescue on Thursday.

There is an odd description of describing her as a friend of the victim. I would think it has been clearly established that this is no friend.

For whatever reason that she alone knows, Ms Ramcharan  opted to take advantage of the trust and friendship offered by Ms Bissoondatt. She abused that trust, and proved herself unworthy. And yet here we are, describing her as a friend.

Heaven forbid we all have friends like these, yes. Else we will certainly be friends in need, indeed.