26 Jun 2008

The Fugitive

Mrs Rezende, 35, was found stabbed to death at her Mendez Drive, St Lucien Road, Diego Martin, home on April 30, 1994. Rezende's husband said he was awakened by a crash in his wife's bedroom. At the time the two were separated for some months. When he went to check on his wife he saw a man on top of his wife.

Rezende, who at the time was an employee at Royal Bank along with his wife, is reported to have told the police he pulled the man off of his wife and a struggle between himself and the intruder began. During the scuffle another man jumped out of the shadows and attacked Rezende. He then began struggling with the two men, who pushed him against a wall and escaped through a bedroom door.

Damn, somebody read this and write the plot for The Fugitive.

But I wonder why the hell an inquest took 12 blinking years to get off the ground? Not something the Attorney General should look at?

All I could do is heng meh head in shame at this Monkey Island, oui.