20 Jun 2008

How do you sleep?

The vast majority of citizens surveyed for the 2008 Market and Opinion Research International (Mori) poll believe that local government is slow, inefficient, ineffective and wastes taxpayers' money.

The findings of the poll, conducted between March and April, further revealed that 76 per cent were dissatisfied with the transparency in local government activities.

These findings were revealed yesterday by Marva Newton, communications manager of the Ministry of Local Government, at the ministry's Public Consultation on Local Government Reform: Roles and Responsibilities of Local Government Bodies, which took place at Hilton Trinidad.

The Mori Caribbean Poll was commissioned by the Government to survey public opinion on the state of national well being.

Delivering the feature address, Hazel Manning, Minister of Local Government, said effective governance was the pillar that formed the backdrop to the ministry's current initiative.

Conceding that local government impacted on almost every aspect of daily life, she said, "Good governance hinges upon accountability, transparency and equity to maintain a level of responsiveness to the interests, rights and welfare of our citizens."

So clearly the government is not providing good governance, according to the requirements set out by no less a person than the wife of the Prime Minister.

What amuses me is that they actually revealed the shameful results of the poll; are they actually proud of the crap they're doing? I'd have buried that poll so deep, the Monteil investigation would look like front page news.

Then again, with the likes of Pa-trick, Tattoo, Browne (Mariano) and Hazel... what else do you expect? And how do you sleep knowing 76% of the people thinking you're f**king up?