1 Jun 2008

How Sunil Ali died

From the Express:

ON FRIDAY evening Sunil Ali used a makeshift cloth clothesline hanging in his prison cell to make a noose, into which he tiptoed to put his neck. He then slit both his wrists with a razor blade. Using his body weight, Ali leaned forward and hanged himself while bleeding profusely from his wrists, well placed sources in the Ministry of National Security said yesterday.

Ali, 28, was charged for the murder of eight-year-old Hope Arismandez and was in the Remand Section of the Golden Grove prison.

Sources also said Ali was kept in a cell by himself and although he was on a suicide watch, he was not under constant vigil but in a cell block that housed other inmates and that was patrolled by a single prison officer.

The sources could not say just how Ali managed to get his hands on the razor blade that he used to slit his wrists with. Prison authorities at Golden Grove as well as officers of the Arouca Police Station are now investigating how Ali came to have the razor in his possession.

Clearly, this man ran from home after his crime fearing for his freedom, liberty and life with a makeshift clothesline and razorblade in his pocket, thinking "Well, if they ketch meh, I go cut meh wrist and hang mehself. If they search meh, even strip meh naked in jail like they always do, they ent go find them thing, I go hide it good, good."


The Newsday reports that when Sunil Ali was placed in his cell, the items used in death were not there.