21 Jun 2008

It so plain

An eyewitness tells of the lead up to the lock-down in Richplain Road, Diego Martin.

She said that during Wallace's christening party, several of his soldier friends were parked along Farm Road. Around 7.30 p.m., a maxi-taxi was apparently trying to pass along the road but was being blocked by some of the soldiers' cars.

One of the occupants of the maxi-taxi, she recalled, asked one of the soldiers to move his car. The soldier refused, and one of the occupants of the maxi came out and demanded that the soldier move his car, to which the soldier reportedly replied, "Allyuh figure allyuh bad?" The man then drew a pistol and shouted, "All ah we bad!"

The soldier then drew a pistol of his own and shot the gun-wielding young man.

The gunman then ran higher up Farm Road to the home of his friend. It is alleged that after the young man was shot, some of the soldiers began beating the maxi-taxi driver.

The wounded man and a friend then walked back down Farm Road, confronted the soldiers and shot both Wallace and Noel, then ran off.

So basically all of this could have been avoided if that duncey arse soldier had moved his car. Typical of army and police to take the little authority handed to them to a whole new level of abuse and intolerance.

It's plain our docile nature is coming to an end, but the direction needs a little work.