8 Jun 2008

A look at duncey mind-set

It have dunceys, and then it have dunceys.

The first kind is the everyday, run-of-the-mill duncey. The kind you could probably teach a thing or two if you had the time and patience, and maybe a reward or two too. They could be playful, obstinate, think that they super-smart, but in the end the duncey aspect could be curtailed to a certain level - we could expect a reasonable amount of independent thinking and following instructions to a fairly accurate level.

The second kind is a lost cause. These are the ones that you soon learn won't learn, or refuse to learn. The kind who you soon give up on because you know it is not worth the frustration that it brings.

Now why did I bring this up? Well, this morning I saw this online.

"WE cannot guarantee any co-operation from the rank and file of the police service if a foreign national is elected to the post of Commissioner," secretary of the Police Social and Welfare Association Neil Warner Paul said during an interview yesterday.

Warner-Paul said the association was"extremely disappointed and saddened by the fact that the Police Service Commission is facilitating the government in it's attempt to demoralise the police service".

"We view the selecting of this foreigner as a backward step given the fact that two local finalists, who were being assessed, are qualified," Warner-Paul said.

While people dying in droves, this particular moron is concerned with installing a duncey from within the same corrupt system to lead us into utter ruin. These dunceys have proven track records of being impolite, inept, unmannerly, idiotic, and many more similar descriptions I shall refrain from writing.

He seems to think that a recruit from within the same stinking structure is the best; of course it is if you want the rot and malaise to continue.

But Trinidad does not need a CoP to promote the same lackadaisical attitude. What we need is new ideas, new eyes, and someone who can crack the whip so to speak. Someone who can introduce a new work ethic; either enthusiasm or perhaps fear of losing their blinking jobs! We want them to work, and bring results! No duncey will be able to enforce that.

So this duncey is holding the PSC, and the country, to ransom; essentially threatening us with non-cooperation if the PSC doesn't install a local (the two remaining locals are friends of his, won't you know?). It's just a suggestion but if a new CoP is selected, I hope this clown is the first to go.