21 Jun 2008

No reasons to dead?

AN ex-police officer who was employed as an Unemployment Relief Programme (URP) foreman was gunned down near his home yesterday morning, but neither police nor his family could figure out why.

John Nicholls, 48, ...shot him several times about the body.

Nicholls's wife, who refused to disclose her name, told the Express that Nicholls was a "nice person who got along with everybody. He was the type of person who would drink with his friends, argue, cuss and then it done dey ... back to normal next five minutes".

She added that she could not figure out why someone would want him dead.

Can't figure out why anyone would want him dead?

Lets see... "drink, argue, cuss"; dat not enough to piss off a few people? Wha' bout wukking URP... known fraternity for drug dealers, pimps, and other criminal types. And a former duncey police? Yuh doh think he mighta get in the wrong side ah some people there too? My suspicions raised from de time I read "Nicholls left the Police Service "a few years ago", according to investigators."

Yeah, I know dey ent say he left under favourable circumstances, but is because dey ent say it I suspect it unfavourable. I mean, 48 years old, far from retirement and you leave ah secure government job with pension? Not to mention de 'fringe' benefits dese fellas get accustom to picking up.

But as the woman say, it ent have reasons for anyone to want him dead.