20 Jun 2008

The non-existent laws

Some time ago, there was an incident where a boat ran over two teenagers bathing in the sea, and the country (and the world - they were foreigners) were horrified to learn that there were no laws dealing with incidents such as these.

Today I see another unusual accident.

A plank of wood on a three-tonne truck became detached from the rope which held it to the vehicle and smashed into the windscreen of the maxi taxi in which Mitchell was a front seat passenger, police said. Mitchell's face was crushed by the wood, police added.

I am wondering whether the driver/owner of the truck will ever be charged, since the laws currently require all loads to be securely fastened.  Of course, I haven't much hope; these laws are flouted daily, which is why we see trucks uncovered, or no warning flags/signals etc.

This accident won't have been a pretty sight; indeed none are. But I haven't seen that the Ministry of Health is providing counselling for the passengers. At least, the Ministry of Education patches holes in the system by sending counsellors after every incident in any school. A case of grin and bear it, you think?