17 Jun 2008

On the issues again

On the issue of Monteil, duncey police still investigating that $110M. Is like trying to ketch crab in bucket for these fellas, dey cyah find de damn bucket, much less the crab. Monteil going dead and dat money will never be recovered, dat is how long dese fellas will take.

On the absurdities of bail for criminal offences: Once again I point out that if yuh between 15 and 19 and tief ah exam paper, yuh bail will be $1 million. If you ah duncey and yuh rape and beat ah 16 years old gyul so bad she end up in hospital for 3 days, then yuh bail going to be $250,000.

Constable Vishan Ragoo was granted bail of $250,000 after agreeing to surrender his passport to the police.

Ragoo, 28, is charged with common assault, rape and two counts of grievous sexual assault, in connection with the incident that allegedly occurred at a house at Mc Bean, Couva, last February 12 and June 12. The victim is reported to have spent three days at hospital.

Do you all think hell is visiting earth?