11 Jun 2008

Police and tief

Is long time I saying dem duncey is a set ah tief. I mean, ah 8% detection rate in crime? Is dem self doing it, or dey padners. So how you expect dem to ketch de culprits?

Look how de papers showing evidence this morning. 3 dunceys so dotish, they beat and rob a man by an ATM, where de camera could pick dem up.

The officers were being kept in separate police stations at La Horquetta, Arouca and Chaguanas last night, the Express was told. The officer being kept at the Chaguanas station was arrested at the Pinto Road Police Post yesterday morning, shortly after he took up duty.

One of the officers was pointed out in an ID parade yesterday, while two others were expected to face ID parades between last night and this morning.

Police sources state that the station diary was being keep under heavy guard, following previous reports of pages, containing important information connected to cases, being removed.

Sources also disclosed that the entire case was being kept very secretive, so as to avoid any embarrassment to outgoing Police Commissioner Trevor Paul, who is set to leave office on Friday.

At least something being done right; they separate dem tief from each other; ah hope they ent feed dem the stories to clear them though. And the station diary under guard, but somehow I know pages going missing soon as we blink.

But A A! They being secretive to avoid embarrassing Trevor Paul? But what de France? Dat man cyah embarrass! He is de original crapaud leather man, he and Martin Joseph. Imagine, 80,000 serious crimes in 6 years (not counting de murders dem) and only ah 8% detection rate. Well, 2% if you ent count the frame ups and de ones beaten into confessing. He live wid that so long, how de arse he could get embarrass over 3 tief in the duncey force?

Nah man, allyuh hah come better than that. At least them fellas who get ketch still acting out they childhood fantasies; they still playing police and tief.