22 Jun 2008

A rare personal blog

Sometimes when I write my blog, I will refer to events that happened to me personally that reflects on the topic I write about. I won't say I am an intensely private person, but I feel a tad uncomfortable writing about deeply personal issues for the world to read. Some things are just too private, hence I can't be like other bloggers who reveal their personal/love/sex lives etc to the entire reading world.

That being said, today I read Denzil Mohammed's article in the Guardian and one little paragraph stood out.

New-age materialism has taught us one thing only: individualism—that people are dispensable, that self is the only thing on which on can truly rely. Personal progress is what life is all about. Nobody would give up everything just to be with someone—not today. That just doesn't make sense, and relationships must make sense.

There is a lot of truth in those words, more so in those I have highlighted in italics. People are more concerned with self, me rather than us. I think even at times I have been guilty of this too.

The concept of Ying and Yang is not at all far removed from reality, and sometimes I wonder that we aren't just reaping from society what we've sewn.

I could mention the girl who is too busy pursuing a career to develop personal relationships, or the one too busy pursuing personal relationships to make use of her talents... but I won't. Life is a balance, and one must strike the right note. Of all the philosophies in life Buddhism  catches my fancy most - whatever you do, do in moderation. A guitar string drawn too tight will snap, and one too slack will not strike the right note.

I've spent the better part of my life considering what other people want, need or think. Now I am balancing that with some of what I want. That includes my new degree, a new career or perhaps my own business... but whatever it is, I have given myself a few years to get it. After helping others all my life, it is time for a little personal progress. Wish me luck.