13 Jun 2008

Skeletons in the closet

I wonder if anyone ever did any kind of analysis into crimes in Trinidad? Because from my observations, crime is still rather random, no apparent linkage between them.

The businessmen, the schoolteachers, the teenagers, the nurses, the doctors... crime comes a-calling. The culprits are drug dealers, petty thieves who want a name, and even cops.

In the meantime, the effeminate minister Joseph is not resigning. Which makes me wonder what exactly is the relationship between Pa-trick and him, or what hold he has over Pa-trick? We all know the hold Hazel has over Pa-trick (it has nothing to do with being his wife). Even Howard Chin Lee was given the boot and has faded into incompetent history.

Did Joseph find out the skeletons in Pa-trick's closet? How did he come by that information? Was it provided by member(s) of the duncey service? If so, can we expect said member(s) to entrench themselves and make a cushy lining after retirement? Wait, I forget; that's already happening.

There is something going on behind the scenes that is very mysterious and may turn out to be bigger news that the next murder.