30 Jun 2008

Someone getting a cut

TWO men dressed as police officers robbed the Mid-Centre Mall, Chaguanas branch of Hi-Lo food stores yesterday morning, and escaped with $300,000.

The robbery occurred around 11.30 and police investigators said the duo were dressed in "police uniform".

Allyuh people doh really believe me when I keep saying, dis is not bandit. Dis is de real police dunceys doing this. They have the uniform, they have the guns, they have the criminal intent to do things like this.

I know it go have people out there who will say the Jumbie wrong on this one, but I have a little piece of observation to share:

Officers from the Chaguanas CID were called and a search team had to mobilised with the assistance of the Special Anti Crime Unit's helicopter. However, the police were unable to track the men. Police said the robbery was "well organised".

Duncey will never catch duncey.

By the way, did the PSC not hire a whole set a police from the UK? What happen to them? They still sitting round the pool drinking Carib and Stag and checking out the Columbian and local talent?

It unfair to think like this: but I have to ask who in the hierarchy getting a cut, and how big it is.