20 Jun 2008

A spin for soldiers

Czutus Muir, 20, said he suffered severe beatings at the hands of soldiers on Tuesday evening.

He said he was returning from the shop at about 6.30pm when the incident occurred. "About 20 soldiers block me right next to my home here. They told me to go down on the ground, on my knuckles, and then they started to kick me in my ribs and head," he said.

According to the medical report, Muir suffered swelling of the right side of jaw, haemorrhaging of the right eye, corneal abrasions as well as a bruised right knee and tenderness over chest and trunk.

Commenting on the complaint by Muir, Captain Elizabeth Williams, public relations officer for the Trinidad and Tobago Regiment said: "I have already investigated claims by others which turned out to be false. There is no retraction in the world that would free us from this stigma if this story turns out to be false.

"I will personally look into it tomorrow (today). However, we are again telling persons, that if there was some form of brutality meted out to you, please report it and we will deal with it.

"Our Commanding Officer has given the assurance to investigate all claims and he will not lie."

Ha, ha, ha, ha.Gasp, wheeze, ha, ha, ha, ha *choke* ha ha ha!

"He will not lie." Ha ha ha ha. Oh God, ah go dead laughing, ha ha ha. "...claims by others which turned out to be false." Ha, ha, ha.

Dese people so dotish to believe anyone would believe that gollywhopper?