5 Jun 2008

Trini desktops

I came across a site this morning I knew nothing about earlier. It's called Trini Desktops and advertises thus:

Are you freezing your bum off in a cold country?

Maybe you feel you've been away from Trinidad and Tobago too long.

Well, we may not be able to get you here from where you are, but, if you're a Trini, we can at least make you really homesick!

If you've never been to Trinidad, we extend our sympathy, and suggest you get on the next flight here.

While you are waiting for your flight, check out some of the incredible photos provided FOR FREE that you can download and use for your computer's desktop background.

And a warning:

There are some rules though!

1) You are REQUIRED to tell everyone you know about this site! :-)

2) Share and Enjoy! You MUST share the pictures! Download and email them to people you think will enjoy them.

3) If you decide to use our pictures for any kind of publication, web, print, CDROM (i.e. anything besides what we have told you they are for), PLEASE ASK US FOR PERMISSION FIRST! The pictures are the property of the PHOTOGRAPHERS, and at their discretion they may choose to take legal action against anybody who is using their work without their written permission.

Worth checking out, even if the photos are limited.