2 Jun 2008

What discrimination?

I have to disagree with the point made by this writer. She asks,

Would you, the reader, consider Indo-Trinbagonians a failed race? Natural-born losers?

Frankly, the opposite of what she implies is true. Despite discrimination, both openly and covert, Indians have prospered largely by dint of hard work and perseverance. Not because of largesse from a government seeking to secure votes and promising land or contracts to community leaders.

The fact that they are not to be considered a 'failed race' is in no way a credit to the government which has proven to be more of a hindrance than a help.

To deny that discrimination exists would be to bury one's head in the sand... the Privy Council has shown in at least one instance that Indians are not treated equally.

I do however support her point that the Arrival Day celebrations is the wrong forum for political bickering and bleating from that one man ( 2 if you count Sat Maharaj). It should be a time of celebration, and not of "griping and whining".