28 Jun 2008

The worst of us

While Pa-trick seeks erection through concrete towers, the hope of the country deflates in what can only be described as insane criminal sprees. Not only are we seeing random crimes against a large cross section of the population, the criminals have grown bolder than both Pa-trick and Calder Hart combined.

They rob, shoot, chop, maim, kill with impunity. I know the duncey service is over-stretched and under-budget (the honest cops that is, I'm not talking of the drunks, drug addicts, drug pushers, thieves, sexual predators, deviants, homosexuals, kidnappers, rapists, etc that comprise the majority), and will never make leeway into curbing the activity. The army is another matter. Aside from the typical police dunceys described above, we can also throw in power-mad and despotic ego maniacs. And both groups are led by egg-shell managers. That's my term for those with no more substance in their skuls than an empty egg-shell.

In the meantime our politicians get upset over  'letter talk'. No sense of outrage or caring as to what Trinidad has become, hell on earth. But why should they? They have created this mess by allowing it to happen under their watch, by carefully cultivating contracts with 'community leaders' and dispensing favours in the right places. Under this regime, money flows out more than water in the nation's drains. Quicker too.

Not for the first time I am asking: Why do we pick the worst of us to lead us?