28 Jul 2008

Affirmative action? Why?

I was trying to avoid commenting on Emily Gaynor Dick-Ford's asinine reasons for 'affirmative action' for black youths in the field of education.

"The need to focus on the needs of some of our young African males is a real need. Regardless of how it is framed for it to make it seem discriminatory to any other group, we cannot deny this is a vulnerable group in the current painful crime rate."

For the record, we all have the same opportunities in childhood, the same exposure to education and the same chance to succeed in life. The fundamental difference is that while Indian, Chinese, Syrian etc stay home, study, burn the midnight oil and candles at both ends, the black youths attend every fete that comes along. Lately the Internet has photos of them attending wet fetes in their nightwear, and openly having shameless sex. All the time wearing the latest brands of course.

To quote Anand Ramlogan (who was quoting Hilton Guy - former CoP); “When you have parents praising their unemployed children who wearing $2,000 sneakers and everything they’re wearing is a ‘brand name’ and they come home in the night with a bag of goodies, the children you are growing here, you are not only sowing the seeds, but fertilising the criminal. Stop blaming others!”

Far be it for me to point out that one group exceeds in academia and business, while the other excels at occupying space behind bars. Sure, there are exceptions, but the majority of them fall into the characteristics I've described. They have brought about their own 'vulnerability'.

I cannot condone affirmative action for a lazy, slothful generation of gangster wannabes and BBB (bling, brands, bail) fanatics. History has shown that the more you give, the lazier they become, the more they want, and the greater the demand. Where will it end? With the educated few jumping to my blog to defend Pa-trick's alms to those who desist from gainful employment and a positive role in society? Mark my words, I expect a lot of flak on this blog tomorrow.

Let the African males and females compete as everyone else for education, business, employment opportunities. That is the true essence of the EOA. It is EQUAL OPPORTUNITIES and the aim is to correct imbalance of any form.

I'll leave you with a little letter I found on the Internet, a letter addressed to black people of America but just as applicable to Trinidad.

Dear Black people of America,

Your race is on the verge of ruin! You are uneducated, poor, misbehaved, careless, bitter, and your antics are unacceptable in a modern society. America is not the African jungle.

Pull your pants up and speak like a normal person. For the most part you will find that the American majority is not racist. They aren't "hatin'" on you because of your skin color, they are "hatin'" on you because of the way you act.

Those black people that have managed to make some money (i.e. rappers, drug dealers, and athletes) doing non-cerebral activities that contribute nothing to society continue to waste your money on diamonds, cars, whores, partying and big houses you really can't afford. Other so-called "respectable" black people of the community (what a joke! ) Al Sharpton, Rev. Jessie Jackson, Louis Farrakhan, Russell Simmons, etc. continue to exploit the black race for their personal benefit and financial gain. They have become the laughing stock of the advancement of black people.

Instead you should be using the money to educate your people and create respectable businesses that will create more widespread wealth among your people. This is why after 40 years of civil rights you have managed to make little progress in our society. Meanwhile other immigrants (Mexicans, Asians, India(ns) etc. ) have managed to claim their piece of the American dream not only for themselves but for their family and fellow people of their race in a fraction of the time living in America. It can be done.

You claim that white people are racist and you don't have an equal opportunity. What about the Mexicans? What about the Latinos? What about the Asians? What about the people from India? Indians are talking over (relatively speaking) American science and technology. They have nothing (literally) when they come to America and have managed to make a significant contribution to society and have staked their claim of the American Pie.

They have come to America and worked their asses off to have what they have. You in turn, complain about what you should have or what is owed to you. America has made giant leaps in racism in the last 40 years - but it still exists (yes, it does) and it won't change until you change your behavior. A lot of Americans (not just white people) tolerate you because they really want to give you a chance, but when you act like monkeys, have lazy speech, and don't respect other people, you will continue be shunned from our society.

America does not owe you anything. No black person alive in America was a slave here and no white person alive has enslaved a black person! STOP PLAYING THAT CARD! It is time to move forward and stop worrying about what happened in the past and what you didn't get and what you are owed. Remember it was your own people that sold you to the white man. You are not alone. There always has been slavery and persecution in the world. Romans enslaved white people, whites enslaved black people (sold to the man by your own people). Hitler killed millions of Jews not long ago. We all that know that didn't stop the Jews from being successful.

Are you in denial? Some people are racist, but not many. Everyone is prejudice - white people, black people, purple people. Prejudice has nothing to do with race as it does experience. It is learned behavior from experience.

Read this: http: //www.amren.com/color.pdf

Brothers and Sisters, it is time to pull up your pants (literally), speak clearly (no one can understand half the things you say), and change your path of existence. The other portion of black people that are actually responsible and are contributing something to society,

America likes you and wishes you continued success for you and your family.