6 Jul 2008

All bottled up

One of my favourite blogs is Post Secret, which you can find linked in my sidebar. It always amazes me to see how much emotions people will reveal when it is done anonymously. Not that I have any problems with that...

Another fascination I have found over months of reading other peoples' secrets is just how many I can claim to be my secrets as well. Shocking, the things we hide from the world, and from each other.

I'm not sure that either way - hiding or revealing - secret emotions helps us, but I know in some sense I do feel a bit relieved when I see a secret posted I relate to. I don't know why that is either.

After living several decades, mixing and mingling with some great people and some major arseholes, trust me, I've accumulated a lot of things that I've bottled up inside. The insanity is whether to let it out, the how and when. I think I've made a good start with Jumbie's Watch anyway.