15 Jul 2008

Another Guantanamo coming?

Manning said the working paper proposes that the DPP no longer be fully independent of the Attorney-General. He said the document says the DPP could still be independent on criminal matters, but not on matters involving official secrets, terrorism or state to state relations. “The DPP must have the approval of the Attorney-General before he acts,” he said, referring to the three cases, and again insisting this was not a proposal made by him.

Is it just me, or does anyone else thinks this leaves room for a lot of political interference? Even more than presently exists? Somehow, I get the impression that this is Pa-trick's solution to those checks and balances that prevent him from firing Chief Justices and releasing Bajan fishermen prisoners, sons of police dunceys etc.

Imagine a person opposed to Pa-trick's way of thought being charged under terrorism-related (or other) charges. The independence of the DPP is gone under this proposal, so that the AG, who responds to the PM, makes the decision. Shades of Guantanamo indeed.

Manning said the document proposed that while the Judiciary continues to do its own judicial functions, a Ministry of Justice be set up to carry out the Judiciary’s administrative functions. “It is a proposal; It is not from Manning. Do you find it interesting?”.

I dunno about this one. I guess then we can call UDeCOTT and UTT states within the State then. Not to mention all the other QUANDOS Pa-trick set up over the years (whose budgets may not be as large or noticeable).

He called the Opposition a “total, complete and abject waste of time” and the worst Opposition he had seen in his 38 years in Parliament.

How true is that statement!?

He tried to rouse the audience’s disdain of the Opposition and use it to “sell” the working paper to the crowd.

Now he doesn't even have to go to Parliament to wash over the fools, he can do it in any public meeting. Ineffectual opposition has made him cocky beyond belief, knowing he will get away with anything now.