8 Jul 2008

Another shameless liar

Acting Police Commissioner is  a liar; he admitted it. He gave reasons for his lies, but he is lying about those too. I can say that with a great degree of confidence; the error of margin of me being wrong might well be in that 0.01%.

For one thing he claims that he lied about "issues which bordered directly on national security. My explanation, as I understand it, has been accepted."

Frankly, I think that statement is a load of bull crap, goat crap, chicken crap, pigeon crap and duncey crap mixed into one. First of all, I doubt a job selection process will ask questions on national security. Considering that the process was conducted in the main part by a third-party company from outside Trinidad and Tobago, I find a few things wrong with this.

  1. How did that company get access to national security information to question the candidates?
  2. Was Philbert the only one to be questioned on national security issues?
  3. Is there a breach of national security now that it is known a third-party company has sensitive information?
  4. How did that company know to question Philbert on these issues?
  5. Were those questions of Vega; being a foreigner did he have access to the same national security information like Philbert; or is Philbert saying he did and therefore the selection process was fair to all applicants?
  6. Are matters of national security now out in public domain, or is this another reason the selection process is flawed?

As you can gather from these points, it is unlikely that Philbert was actually questioned on matters of national security. More likely, he was caught in some personal lies pertaining to his ability to do the job and now Pa-trick is trying to put a spin on to lube the tempers of disgruntled dunceys in the Welfare Association (who are displeased with Philbert's appointment), as well as the public's.

But hear Philbert:

“I went through the same rigours that everybody else went through, because I thought that I could offer the country something out of my experience, my knowledge of policing, to bring the situation under control.”

Is it possible to laugh yourself into a hernia? Because I think I just did some damage to myself.

This is the second most senior duncey after incompetent Trevor Paul; which means he was in a great position to actually direct the entire duncey service all along. Now suddenly he could "bring the situation under control"? Because make no bones about it, that's what he is saying here.

But wait, hold on. Weren't we told that he has about 6 months till retirement? So Martin Joseph was wrong; it won't take 3 years to bring crime under control, but rather 6 months. Either that, or one (or both) of these men are liars.