1 Jul 2008

Being right again

A couple of days ago I wrote about Shanice Ramcharan being the person who masterminded the kidnapping of Avita Bissoondatt. Today, the Express and the Guardian both confirm what I have said. Shanice is charged for this crime.

Time for a little reflection as well:

While we are aware that kidnappings are carried out by seasoned criminals, I think we are now beginning to see who are the masterminds behind these acts.

They are people who we trust, who are driven by greed. So-called friends who would lure us into a trap; our own children who would pretend to be kidnapped in order to share our money with idle friends; greedy colleagues; disgruntled spouses; even pre-school teachers. It is one thing to fear thugs, but when we have to fear those who are near and dear to us we are really in a serious state.

Once again, I am right. Think Pa-trick will ever fire the seer woman and give me the job?