7 Jul 2008

The children's lament

I mentioned before, several times in fact, there are all manner of beasts that walk among us as men (and women). If you don't know what I am writing about, I guess I should point you to all the instances of child brutality that seem to be rising. I say child brutality, because that is different from child abuse (where in this politically correct world, almost every form of disciplining your child is seen as abuse; but I am not getting into a debate about that!).

We have yet another case of brutality resulting in death, this time of a three years old baby girl.

I can't understand the mentality of any adult who will beat a child that small. I can understand wanting to rest a hand or two on a child about 8 or 9, but at 3? The child (and I am repeating myself here) is not even old enough to understand why she getting licks. Now, you will understand this is not even a little licks eh, or a 'spanking'. This man beat this child like he in the gayelle with a next big man.

Allyuh will forgive me when I say I hope when they ketch him he get a chance to feel likewise. Because I feeling it all the way up here, inside.